Supermarket Chain Becomes Super in the Market with Sentic

- Sentic

The challenge

Based in greater St. Louis, Schnucks is a supermarket chain that operates more than 100 stores in four states throughout the Midwest. They had successfully launched digital programs that promoted both their grocery delivery and curbside pickup services. But they faced stiff competition from area restaurants, other regional supermarket chains, and national delivery brands. The competition was causing a significant rise in CPC, which limited growth. Schnucks wanted some fresh ideas in a hurry.

- Sentic
- Sentic

The solution

We got started by leveraging our people and technology to build a comprehensive Paid Media strategy. The key was segmenting Schnuck’s grocery delivery service and curbside pickup service into their own funnels. We also gave each one targeted keywords and tested messaging.

To refine and improve targeting and segmentation, we added demographic and audience data to the SEM bidding strategy.

We were also sensitive to Schnucks existing customer loyalty initiatives and ensured the paid media strategy aligned and complemented them.

The results

Our audience segmentation and targeting strategies were spot on, cost effective, and allowed Schnuck’s to stand out from the competition. The CPC’s Schnucks was concerned about decreased while clicks, transactions, traffic to stores, and revenue increased.