An Audit Led to a Masterpiece for Jerry’s Artarama

- Sentic

The challenge

Jerry’s Artarama offers more than 70,000 art materials from various art manufacturers, as well as their own product lines via an online retail store, art supply catalog and superstores. They expanded their paid media footprint by launching Google Shopping campaigns, but because of the complexities and nuances of Google Merchant Center, performance consistently fell below ROAS targets. And that hindered growth potential.

- Sentic
- Sentic

The solution

We knew we needed to start with a comprehensive audit of the Google Merchant Center account. Not surprisingly, we found multiple optimization opportunities, including removing low price products from the product feed and correcting common product disapprovals. Our audit also uncovered unrefined product group structures, which caused bidding inefficiencies within the Google Shopping campaigns themselves.

After we foundationally optimized the Jerry’s Artarama product feed to eliminate product disapprovals, we restructured the campaigns to highlight the most relevant product data. We also implemented bid strategies broken out by individual brands and incorporated remarketing audiences to expand ad targeting to bottom-funnel customers.

The results

The structural changes and optimizations made to the Jerry’s Artarama campaigns proved to be a work of art that led to a decrease in CPC’s and an increase in clicks, transactions, and revenue.






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