Sentic Gives Cosmetic Brand a Stunning Makeover

- Sentic

The challenge

Kira Labs is a manufacturer and retailer of more than 30 B2B and B2C cosmetic brands. With a strong history of the wholesale revenue model, they wanted to expand their B2C offering, and knew paid media would be a key component of B2C growth. Within the first 3 months, the work Sentic did drove 25% revenue growth month-over-month. A mission critical competent of doing that was to scale paid media efforts.

- Sentic
- Sentic

The solution

Our team’s first priority was to deeply research and understand Kira Labs ideal customer relationship to their extensive product line. We then developed a strategic plan that included refining and scaling google shopping ads campaigns that segmented products by price, and optimizing budget allocation from upper funnel keyword sets to more product related keywords. The strategy we implemented with Kira Labs also maximized the utility of existing customer data.

The results

Our team’s strategy perfectly utilized existing customer data and aggressive advertising of high-performing products to the proper audience. For Kira Labs, the results are nothing short of glowing.




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