Sentic Puts Strategy and Scalability On Tap for Beer Drop

- Sentic

The challenge

Beer Drop, a customized craft beer subscription service had made small-scale investments in Google Ads for more than a year, but hadn’t landed on a successful, scalable strategy. They knew that the right strategy would be a game changer and wanted a solution fast… so they called on our team for rapid execution and expertise.

- Sentic
- Sentic

The solution

In order to aggressively scale, we first dove into the data. We saw that Beer Drop’s basic membership plan was the highest performing and most competitively priced. Our strategy was to grow this specific membership plan with Google Shopping Ads, the best-converting ad format.

Next, we focused on expanding the non-brand keyword portfolio. Additions were made to capture searches based on beer type and gifting. A highly structured dynamic search campaign was also created as a tool for keyword discovery.

The final element of our deployed strategy was to focus on ways to cut excess and inefficient spend across search and shopping. We discovered that while Beer Drop delivers across the country, some states that don’t allow alcohol shipping were included in location targeting. We moved these states to the exclusion list and redirected that spend to the highest performing locations.

The results

In the first month, our strategy created extraordinary awareness and conversions. And that trend continues. Cheers!


Traffic to Site


Increased in Purchased Membership Plans